The Services Offered

If you are considering a stonework project than please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your project with you.  Below are just a few of the works I am able to undertake.

Stone Walling

I am experienced in building with Ashlar, rubble and dry stone walling whether it is to restore the existing stone walling or erecting new  stone walling to blend with original walls.

Stone Cleaning

If your Ashlar is suffering from the effects of the pollution in the City and you are keen to restore the buff tones, then I can clean the stone using traditional water boom systems.  Alternatively, you may have paint on either the window surrounds or the exterior stonework itself, whilst this particular job is labour intensive, revealing the stone underneath reaps its own rewards.

Terraces & Patios

I am able to either restore existing damaged terraced areas or install new terraces or patio's.  I am happy to work with my clients to help make the most of your outside spaces. 

Fireplaces & Stone Flooring

Whether your home or offices would benefit from a natural stone fireplace or flooring, I am able to offer a full fixing service. 

In addition to this, I am called on from time to time to remove layers of paint from either fireplaces or stone flooring. As with stone cleaning, this is a labour intensive job but the results can be worth the effort. 

Stone Supply

I am able to supply clients with stone be it Bath Ashlar, pennant, rubble or Indian Lime stone.  Please contact me for further details.

Insurance Works

I have worked on behalf of insurance companies with regard to claims for damage or replacement and I am happy to work to their specifications.